Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ChimeraTool update: Samsung online software update

ChimeraTool update: Samsung online software update

Dear Chimera Customers,

latest version : 2.64.1658

  • Added Samsung firmware update function to select Samsung phones. More coming soon.
  • Added Licence history menu.
  • Fixed some BlackBerry software flashing bugs (which caused load fails, red blink and restarting). Everyone with software problems should use "ChangeSoftware" again to fix them (from v. 2.59.1133)
  • BlackBerry 0-sized backup files bug ("Can't deserialize data") fixed. Delete any 0-size backup files and try refurbish again. (from v. 2.57.1139)
  • Minor fixes and UI changes (from v. 2.50.1556)
  • Blackberry 9360 IMEI Repair fixed (from v. 2.46.1633)
  • Lumia Read NCK crash fixed (from v. 2.44.1353)

More information here

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